Equilibrium Inspiration Necklace - Dreams Come True


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Equilibrium jewellery is becoming well known for their keepsake quality and inspirational quotes.

These necklaces are silver plated and feature 3 rings approximately 7mm wide. They are textured with a ripple effect, making them dazzling in the sunlight.

Each of the three rings has a different word. The top ring is 'Dreams', the middle ring is 'come' and the lower ring is 'true'. The three rings nestle on top of each other so that each one is still visible underneath the upper ring.

A sterling silver plated chain is included in the price and this chain features little balls every 2cm.

This Equilibrium necklace is perfect for so many different occasions, but especially for a graduate, someone who dares to dream, perhaps a dancer or a dance teacher, a farewell gift or a gift for a new mother.

This beautiful necklace comes in a gift box, and ships the next business day.