'Jerusalem' Boys Rosary Bracelet


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This masculine rosary bracelet is both modern and functional. The 'Bali' beads are on-trend with what youth are wearing, and the Obsidian Snowflake beads work well in keeping it bold and manly. Featuring 8mm Bali beads that act as the 'Hail Mary' beads, the texture of the beads make for a nice contrast between the smoother Obsidian Snowflake beads. This helps in keeping count of the rosary prayers without having to watch or physically count. The sterling silver cross slider bead acts as the 'Our Father' bead and the crucifix. Suitable only for 6 inch sized bracelets or above, this bracelet is made to order. The rosary bracelet is finished off with a 11mm sterling silver clasp. Ships next business day.

This product has a&nbsp;2 year workmanship&nbsp;warranty.<br /> &nbsp;