'God Bless This Little One' 7 inch Ceramic Cross - Pink or Blue Baptism Gift or Christening Gift


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WH 5004700727
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Cross measures:
7 inches

A cream cross with quilted design and a message that reads "God Bless This Little One" written in pink in the centre with the image of a small pink sheep. Makes a perfect gift for family and friends to celebrate milestones.

  • Sentiment: “God Bless This Little One.”
  • Materials: Stoneware
  • Frame Hanger Style: None
  • Dimensions: 18cm H x 10cm W x 6.3cm D / 7"H x 4"W x 2.5"D
This product has a 30 day warranty, meaning if you find a crack or chip within 30 days, you can send it back for a replacement.