Boys Religious Jewellery - Lava Stone, Onyx and Carnelian Bracelet


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So many people let me know how impressed they are at my range of boys Communion and Confirmation gifts, and that makes me strive harder to create even more gifts that are suitable for kids that are sometimes the hardest to please.

This unique bracelet features the use of matt black onyx, a more masculine version of the onyx stone.  The matt/powder finish is durable and almost rustic looking, perfect for our young men.

Also making an appearance is black lava stone, separated from the black onyx by a silver roundel bead. Carnelian, long known as the stone that provides for stamina and endurance, are the beautiful red beads. 

These qualities make the bracelet perfect for those boys and men that love their sport. The message bead in the middle is a sterling silver bead, with 'Peace' on one side, and a dove on the other.

All precious stone beads measure 8mm, and the silver roundels are 6mm. Ships next business day in a jewellery pouch.

This product has a 30 day warranty.