Cross Dog Tag - Personalised Boys Christian Jewellery

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GM crosstag
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A masculine piece of jewellery for a boys confirmation, first holy communion or other special occasion. This nickel silver dog tag is 3 cm high x 1.5 cm wide, and features across cut out on the right hand side. There is plenty of room for the hand-stamping or engraving* of a name. The name is stamped in 3mm lupper and lower case block font. You can also choose to upgrade to a sterling silver dog tag at a small extra charge. This unique necklace comes complete with an 20 inch nickel ball chain or a black, 18 inch leather cord, or sterling silver curb chain (which looks great with the upgraded sterling silver dog tag!). *Hand-stamping and engraving are both options on many of my products. It does help to know what hand-stamping is before you purchase an item with this option. Hand Stamping involves using a hammer and individual metal letter stamps, and hammering the name onto the item. A fair amount of pressure is used, and quite often the indentation can be seen on the reverse of the item. It can also be off centre a little, but this should be seen as a unique quality of the item rather than a fault. The benefit of hand-stamping means you are giving a gift with a ‘hand-made‘; look, and letters can also be blackened to make the text stand out (or ‘pop‘).