Giving Bear - Beautiful Sympathy Gift


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16 inches standing
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sympathy gift, remembrance gift, bereavement gift

Such a beautiful thoughtful gift to give to someone who is grieving, whether it be boy or girl, man or woman.

This lovely floppy, soft bear is the perfect comfort gift. Created to be hugged and held, this brown and white coloured bear measures 16 inches high. His co-ordinating brown corduroy ear is created that way to signify that he is a good listener.

Includes a special bookmark that carries his message:

'Sometimes you can feel so small in a great big world. Sometimes you might feel like a giant who can climb a beanstalk! However you are feeling, I want you to know how important YOU are. Whenever you need a little comfort, a little safe, a little brave, just whisper in my ear and hold me tight. I'll be here for you. '

Give a gift of comfort to a special someone who needs it.