Olive Wood Crucifix on Cord

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The Olive Wood Crucifix on Cord is a classic and meaningful piece of jewelry that is perfect for boys who are celebrating a religious occasion, particularly their confirmation or first holy communion. This simple yet striking necklace serves as a statement piece, symbolizing faith and devotion.

The centerpiece of this necklace is the olive wood crucifix pendant, measuring 50mm in size. The pendant is intricately crafted from genuine olive wood, sourced from the Holy Land. Each piece is carefully shaped and polished, showcasing the natural beauty and unique grain patterns of the wood.

To ensure durability and longevity, the olive wood crucifix pendant is securely hung on a black nylon cord. The cord is both sturdy and lightweight, offering comfortable wear throughout the day. The adjustable length allows for a customized fit, ensuring the ideal length for each individual.

In addition to its spiritual significance, this Olive Wood Crucifix on Cord is also a handmade work of art. Skilled artisans in the Holy Land dedicate their time and expertise to create each necklace with precision and care. By purchasing this product, you are not only acquiring a beautiful piece of jewelry but also supporting the livelihoods of these talented craftsmen.

For your convenience, this necklace is ready to be shipped the next business day. Whether you are looking for a special gift for a loved one or a personal accessory to express your own faith, the Olive Wood Crucifix on Cord is a timeless and meaningful choice. Delicate in design yet powerful in symbolism, this necklace is a beautiful reminder of the values and beliefs that are held dear. Embrace the tradition and spirituality that this necklace embodies and wear it with pride.