El Salvador Crosses & Gifts

These beautifully painted and hand-carved crosses from the families in La Palma, El Salvador, are the perfect gifts for many different Holy occasions, such as baptisms, Christenings, Confirmations and First Holy Communions. They make a wonderful gift also for those getting married, or for extending their family.

With many different sizes and themes, these crosses from El Salvador are carved by the men and hand-painted and finished off by the woman in La Palma. They are intricately designed, and due to their hand made nature, there can be some discrepancies in colours and slight changes in designs.  this may be something as small as the change in colour of an animal, or larger differences, such as a change from a rabbit in the painting, to another smaller animal. The themes all remain the same though, and these small differences make these crosses truly unique.  The wood used for the crosses from El Salvador are sustainably grown just outside of La Palma.They are not massed produced in a factory, and the story behind them only adds to their special qualities.

We have these crosses available for purchase...

El Salvador Original Cross
El Salvador Our Father Cross
El Salvador Communion Cross

El Salvador Confirmation Cross
El Salvador Baptismal Cross

El Salvador Confirmation and Communion Cross

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