On Your Wedding Day Tatty Teddy Greeting Card


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Tatty Teddy is the well loved, well known Teddy with the little blue nose.  They are highly collectable, and very very cute.

This wedding greeting card is a 170mm x 120mm, and features Tatty Teddy and his 'wife' lying in a field.  It is beautifully designed and decorated.  Mrs Tatt Teddy is wearing a wedding dress that has gold foil and glitter detail, and they are snuggled in each others arms.  The border features a delicate gold foil design.

The inside of this wedding card reads 'Congratulations to your both' with Mrs Tatty Teddy sharing a moment with Tatty Teddy, and bordered by a intricate design and flowers.

Will go beautifully with any of the Tatty Teddy wedding gifts or other Gifted Memories Faith wedding gifts.