25cm Wood and Metal Wall Crucifix - Risen Christ

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The 25cm Wood and Metal Wall Crucifix - Risen Christ is a high-quality religious artifact that combines intricate detailing with exquisite craftsmanship. This stunning wall crucifix is perfect for those seeking a meaningful and visually striking addition to their home or religious space.

Measuring 250 X 130MM, this wall crucifix is a dark wooden cross that exudes an air of timeless elegance. The smooth, polished surface of the cross provides a stunning contrast against the laser detailed metal cross inlaid within it. The intricate detailing of the metal cross adds a touch of sophistication and reverence to the overall design.

Atop the metal cross, a silver-toned and beautifully detailed metal risen Christ stands prominently. The delicate detailing of the risen Christ's face and body evokes a sense of serenity and holiness. This crucifix serves as a powerful reminder of the resurrection and the eternal hope that it symbolizes.

Crafted to perfection, this crucifix comes from the renowned artisans of Italy, a country known for its rich history of religious iconography. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted with utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality.

With its timeless design and flawless execution, this wall crucifix is not only a religious symbol but also a work of art that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. It serves as a focal point that invites contemplation, prayer, and reflection.

Ordering this beautiful crucifix is simple and hassle-free. It ships within 2 business days, ensuring that you can enjoy the beauty and spiritual significance of this piece in no time.

Invest in the 25cm Wood and Metal Wall Crucifix - Risen Christ today, and let its powerful symbolism and impeccable craftsmanship inspire and uplift your space. Experience the beauty and spirituality that this remarkable artifact brings into your home or religious setting.
This product has a 30 day warranty, meaning if you find a crack or chip within 30 days, you can send it back for a replacement.
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