Little Drops of Water - Saint Raphael

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The Little Drops collectible statues series is renowned for helping young ones learn about Jesus, Mary and the Saints.

In this series, the Saint Raphael Statue is exceptionally crafted to create a likeness that’s stunningly real and inspiring. From a very high-quality resin, this statue is hand-painted with exquisite detailing, strikingly capturing the saint’s merciful and benevolent nature. St. Raphael, known for healing the earth and being the patron of travelers and medical workers, can inspire children and adults alike.

His feast day is celebrated on the 29th of September each year - why not gift this beautiful statue to your children, grandchildren or godchildren on this day? Better still, it makes a perfect gift for a child, parent, grandparent, or teacher on any occasion. Each St. Raphael Statue comes in a gift box for effortless giving and receiving.