Swarovski Rosary Beads - Why Are They So Popular?

Posted by Gifted Memories Faith on 10th Feb 2019

Swarovski Rosary Beads - Why Are They So Popular?

I sell a large range of rosary beads, one of the largest in Australia.  We source a lot from overseas from Italy and the USA (I prefer their quality and workmanship), however the most popular set of rosary beads are actually a rosary that I make myself.

The Swarovski Rosary Beads are a special keepsake of heirloom quality.  Rosary beads take us through so many good and bad times in our life, and we look to the rosary to keep the stability in our lives, and to get us through our challenges.

Swarovski are well-known for their exceptional quality when it comes to jewellery components, and in my eyes there really is no comparison. Their techniques for attaining their gloss, their light refraction and their longevity are superb. They are also now lead-free, making them not only excellent quality, but perfectly safe for even a baby to wear or hold.

These rosary beads are hand made, and made to order.  We can make them in many different colours to suit the person you are giving them to, and can also change the centres and cross/rosary crucifix. This really does make them a rosary that you have designed yourself, meaning that you are giving a gift that has been specifically thought out and designed to suit the recipient.

I ship these Swarovski rosaries out in their own little gift box with a warranty and certificate of authenticity.

So if you are looking for a gift that will last through a baptism, christening, holy communion and wedding, this set of rosary beads is the perfect choice, and our most popular set of rosary beads for boys or girls.