Silver-plated Christening Certificate Holder with Stand

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The Silver Plated Christening Certificate holder with stand is a timeless and cherished gift for new parents, making it a perfect keepsake for commemorating the Christening of their bundle of joy. Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, this Christening certificate and holder set is a true embodiment of elegance and sophistication.

This keepsake is made from high-quality materials, which gives it a classic and refined appearance. The holder, adorned with intricate designs, complements the certificate beautifully. Together, they create a stunning display that will stand the test of time, preserving the precious memories.

To add a personal touch, the birth certificate holder features space for engraving. This offers an opportunity to include the child's name, birth date, and any other details that the parents may wish to commemorate. Please note that to complete the engraving process, a hand engraver will be necessary.

The stand can also be engraved, which Gifted Memories Faith can do for a small extra charge.

The set also comes complete with a satin-lined gift box, adding an extra touch of luxury when presenting this special gift to the new parents. The elegantly designed box not only protects the certificate holder but also enhances the overall presentation, making it suitable for gift-giving on various occasions.

Convenience and efficiency are paramount to us. That is why this Silver-plated Christening Certificate Holder will be shipped within two business days after placing your order, ensuring that your gift arrives promptly, especially if you have time constraints or specific delivery requirements.

Whether you're a proud parent, a doting grandparent, or a dear friend, this keepsake is a thoughtful and meaningful gift that will be treasured for years to come. Commemorate the joyous journey of a new life with this exquisite set, meticulously crafted and expertly designed to capture the essence of precious moments.