Personalised Large Kids Wooden Rosary Beads

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The Personalised Large Kids Wooden Rosary Beads are the perfect gift for children who are just starting to learn about their faith. This rosary is not only beautiful, but it is also designed with the safety of your child in mind.

Measuring a generous 560mm, this rosary is larger than most and perfect for little hands to hold onto. The beads themselves are made from high-quality wood, ensuring their durability. Each bead measures 2cm, making them easy to grip for even the smallest of fingers.

Not only are these rosary beads beautifully crafted, but they also come in a variety of bright and vibrant colors. Your child will be drawn to the rainbow of colors, making learning their prayers and meditations a joyful experience. The non-toxic paint used on the beads is completely safe for children, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your child is playing with a safe and harmless toy.

This rosary would make a wonderful addition to any child's room. It can be easily hung on the wall, allowing your child to see and admire its beauty every day. It will serve as a constant reminder of their faith and a gentle encouragement to say their prayers.

As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of receiving your order quickly. That is why we guarantee that this personalised large kids wooden rosary beads will be shipped within 1 business day. You can expect to receive your order promptly and start enjoying this beautiful rosary with your child right away.

In conclusion, the Personalised Large Kids Wooden Rosary Beads are a wonderful gift for children. With its large size, vibrant colors, and safe materials, this rosary will not only help your child learn about their faith but also bring a sense of joy and tranquility to their lives. Whether used as a toy or a beautiful wall decoration, this rosary is sure to be cherished for years to come.
No personalised jewellery is refundable unless there is an error made on the part of Gifted Memories in relation to size or names. If this is the case, then Gifted Memories will correct the error as soon as humanly possible. All personalised jewellery has a 2 year workmanship warranty. This means that if your item should break due to a workmanship issue (e.g. broken clasp), Gifted Memories will replace it free of charge with the same, or like, product. (Items will not be replaced due to simple wear and tear. Bracelets that have been pulled off without undoing the clasp can result in a wire breakage that can be restrung for a small fee).
Rosary Beads Material:
5 Decade, 560mm
Perfect For:
baptism gift or a christening gift