Chaplet Of St Benedict with Medal

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How to pray the Chaplet of Saint Benedict

The Chaplet of Saint Benedict has a St Benedict medal, a Crucifix, and 3 sets of beads.

On each bead in the 3 sets of 3 beads (9 times), say:

"Holy St. Benedict, we honour your for your self-sacrifice and solitary devotion to our Lord. May your life of prayer and contemplation inspire in all of us a similar respect for holiness and deep spirituality. We thank you for the Rule of St. Benedict and the strength and example of your monastic commitment. All things begin when we listen to the voice of God.

In conclusion, say 3 "Our Father' 3 "Hail Mary" and 3 "Glory Be"

St. Benedict is the Patron Saint for: Homeless, Monastics, Monks, Poisoning, & Speleologists.

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