Little Drops of Water - Saint Padre Pio

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Introduce your children, grandchildren or godchildren to the saints, Jesus and Mary with the help of the Little Drops collectible statues series.

This particular item is a beautifully hand-painted, high-quality resin statue of Saint Padre Pio, a unique Italian priest who had the ability to see guardian angels and speak directly with Jesus and Mary. Legend says Padre Pio bore the wounds of Christ on his hands, feet, and side - the Stigmata, a miracle few have experienced. Padre Pio is celebrated as the patron saint of adolescents and those seeking stress relief. His feast day is recognised on September 23.

The statue, standing at 10cm in height, adds a graceful ornament to any setting. With its gift boxing, this statue makes the perfect present for any occasion, whether it's for a child, parent, grandparent, or teacher.