Coloured Wooden Rosary Beads

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The Coloured Wooden Rosary Beads are an affordable and meaningful gift for any occasion. Made with wooden beads and nylon links, this budget rosary set provides a beautiful way to pray and reflect. The beads are also adorned with precious or semi-precious gemstones, adding a touch of elegance to the design.

With a rosary length of five decades, this set is suitable for both beginners and experienced prayer enthusiasts. The beads are available in three delicate colours: white, pink, or blue, allowing you to choose the perfect option for your loved one. Whether it's a child's first rosary or a christening or baptism present, these coloured wooden beads are sure to be cherished.

While the Coloured Wooden Rosary Beads do not feature a centrepiece, their simplicity adds to their charm. The absence of a centrepiece allows for uninterrupted prayer and meditation. Each bead is carefully crafted to provide a smooth and comforting touch during prayer.

Ordering the Coloured Wooden Rosary Beads is hassle-free, as they are ready to ship the next business day. You can have peace of mind knowing that your gift will be promptly delivered to your doorstep or the intended recipient. Additionally, this product comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring its quality and durability.

Give the gift of faith and spirituality with these budget-friendly rosary beads. Whether for a religious milestone or a special occasion, the Coloured Wooden Rosary Beads are the perfect choice. Their affordability and timeless design make them a versatile and cherished present for anyone seeking solace and connection through prayer. Invest in this wooden set of rosary beads today and let the recipient deepen their relationship with their faith.


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    Child's Rosary

    Posted by Jodie on 25th Nov 2019

    Quick delivery, thank you. I bought these as gifts. These seem the perfect size for small hands and appear to be strong. I like the shade of blue and pink. I think the colours will bring sense focus and calmness. Thank you

  • 2
    Kids rosary

    Posted by Kelly on 19th Nov 2019

    Too small to fit over my kids heads, and they have normal size heads.