Multi-coloured Plastic Rosary Beads

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These multi-coloured plastic rosary beads are a budget-friendly option for anyone looking to give a thoughtful gift for a special occasion. Made with durable plastic beads, this set is designed to last.

The rosary beads are five decades in length, making them suitable for both children and adults. Whether you're celebrating a child's first rosary or looking for a low-cost christening or baptism present, these multi-coloured beads are the perfect choice.

The beads themselves are vibrant and eye-catching, featuring a range of beautiful colours that add an element of joy to prayer. The interplay of hues creates a playful and lively design that will surely be loved by anyone who receives them.

At the heart of this rosary is a centrepiece depicting the Blessed Virgin Mary, a symbol of faith and devotion. This centrepiece adds a touch of spirituality to the set, making it even more meaningful for the recipient.

Ordering is quick and easy, as these multi-coloured plastic rosary beads ship the next business day. You can have peace of mind knowing that your gift will arrive in a timely manner, ready to be presented to the lucky recipient.

In addition, this set comes with a 30-day warranty, ensuring that you are satisfied with your purchase. Should you encounter any issues or have any concerns, our customer service team is ready to assist you.

Overall, these multi-coloured plastic rosary beads are a versatile and affordable gift suitable for any occasion. Whether it's a child's first rosary or a special religious milestone, this set will serve as a constant reminder of faith, love, and devotion.
multi-coloured rosary beads material:
plastic, metal