Confirmation Rosary Beads

Gifted Memories Faith stocks over 150 different styles of Confirmation rosary beads. We pride ourselves on stocking the best range of QUALITY rosary beads, ones that have been tested, ones that we have found withstand the meditation that is deserved. Buy today from our online Catholic store, with fast shipping within Australia.

Rosary beads are important part of Catholicism and other religions. A useful part of prayer mediation, Christian rosary beads are a decorative but entirely useful part of prayer.

The standard five decade Confirmation rosary consists of five groups of ten beads, the 'Ave' or Hail Mary beads, and separating each of these 'decades' are the 'Our Father' beads, or 'Pater Beads', which is short for “Pater Noster”, or “Our Father” in Latin. These five decades end in a centrepiece of your choosing, whatever happens to be important to you, whether that be a saint or symbol, such as the chalice or dove. At the bottom of the rosary are two more pater beads, and three Ave beads, ending in a crucifix. There is no set kinds of beads that need to be used, some use plastic, some semi-precious stones, some sterling silver or gold rosaries.

Gifted Memories Faith has a large range of rosary beads. We have beautiful rosary beads made from glass pearls, pink rosary beads, pink crystal rosary beads and pink rose quartz rosaries. Made in Italy, these rosaries are high quality, perfect for a lasting keepsake for a girls Confirmation or Confirmation.

We have a great range of rosary beads for boys. Stunning hematite rosary beads with sterling silver pater beads. Black crystal rosaries, Lapis Lazuli rosary beads and other semi-precious stones.  Boys rosary beads come in many different shapes and sizes, but certainly our most popular are the Tiger Eye rosary beads. These lux brown stoned beads are the perfect masculine set of rosary beads and outsell all of our others.

Sterling silver rosary beads, in a choice of two different sizes, are one of our highest sellers.  Due to the long-lasting nature of sterling silver, these rosary beads are the perfect keepsake. Including a jewellery polishing cloth to keep the tarnish away, these rosaries make a sensational Confirmation or Confirmation heirloom rosary, able to be handed down from generation to generation.  Silver rosaries are certainly loved by many.

For a stunning set of Confirmation rosary beads, our Swarovski crystal rosaries, in a large range of colours and styles, are certainly ones to treasure. Swarovski crystals and pearls are well known for their fine quality and are of equal value to real freshwater pearls. Everlasting sheen and lustre, perfectly round pearls, and crystals that refract the light beautifully, these rosary beads not only make a functional gift, but also one that can be worn as a piece of Confirmation jewellery.

Most of our rosary beads can be personalised with the recipient’s name, event and date of event, making it the ultimate Catholic personalised gift. No longer is it hard to figure out what to give as a Confirmation present to make a special event.