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The Serenity Prayer Holy Card is a must-have for any Christian seeking peace, guidance, and inspiration. This full-color prayer card is the perfect size to fit in your pocket or handbag, measuring at 125mm x 70mm.

Featuring the Serenity Prayer, this holy card serves as a reminder of God's powerful message and offers solace during times of distress. The prayer begins with the words, "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change." With such a straightforward plea, this card seeks to alleviate the burdens of life that often feel overwhelming and impossible to overcome. It encourages the reader to find peace in surrendering to God's divine plan and accepting that not everything is within our control.

Moving forward, the prayer asks for courage to change the things we can. It recognizes the importance of taking action and making a positive impact on our lives and the lives of others. By seeking God's strength, we can find the courage to face challenges head-on and make the necessary changes to improve our circumstances.

Lastly, the Serenity Prayer requests wisdom to know the difference between the things we can change and those we cannot. It acknowledges that discernment is key, as it can guide us in making wise choices and avoiding unnecessary conflict or futile efforts.

Crafted with love and attention to detail, this holy card serves as a constant reminder of the Serenity Prayer's profound message. The vibrant colors bring the prayer to life, evoking a sense of tranquility and serenity. Whether you keep it in your pocket, your purse, or on your bedside table, this holy card will be a source of comfort and strength whenever you need it.

If you're looking for a practical and inspirational item that will uplift your spirits and deepen your faith, look no further than the Serenity Prayer Holy Card. Grab yours today and carry the power of this powerful prayer wherever you go.


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    holy card

    Posted by carla on 24th Jul 2019

    Love the words on the card.

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    Serenity card

    Posted by Isabeau on 8th Apr 2019

    Beautiful item thankyou speedy shipping excellent service