Rosary Beads - Why?

Posted by Gifted Memories Faith on 24th Jan 2019

Rosary Beads - Why?

For those that aren't Catholic, you can't help buy wonder 'what is the purpose of rosary beads?'

Rosary beads are used in the meditation of prayer and each bead has has it's own significance. The beads are used to keep count whilst prayers are being recited.

The meditation starts on the first bead after the crucifix (a cross with a corpus) with the making of the sign of the cross, and saying the 'Apostles Creed'. 

Following this bead is a group of three beads, and this requires three Hail Mary's and the Glory Be.

The next bead is known as the "first mystery', and here you say the 'Our Father', 10 'Hail Mary's' and 'Glory Be'.

There are five 'decades' of beads on a the main part of the standard rosary.  Each decade consists of ten beads, and on each of these beads a prayer is recited.  These individual beads are also known as the 'Hail Mary' bead, as ten Hail Mary's and the 'Glory Be' is to be said for each decade.

In between each decade is the 'Our Father' bead, where you recite the 'Our Father' prayer.

This continues on around the rosary.

When you get to the centrepiece of the rosary, or the junction, the concluding prayers to be recited are 'Hail Holy Queen' and Let Us Pray: 'O God, whose only begotten son...'etc.

Rosary beads can be made from any bead, stone or wood. The most popular in my store at Gifted Memories Faith are olive wood, glass pearl, and Swarovski Crystal. Rosary beads of good quality can become a definite keepsake, and can be used for many, many years.  Gifting a special Swarovski rosary can take a baby through to adulthood, and remain a large part of their faith.

Our rosaries are often hand made and hand beaded, and for an extra special rosary, make it a personalised rosary by adding the name of the person they are for in sterling silver alphabet beads.

All budgets are catered for, and there is a large range for both boys and girls, and men and women.

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