Saint Gabriel Laminated Holy Card with medal

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The Saint Gabriel Laminated Holy Card with medal is a must-have for all believers seeking spiritual guidance and protection. This stunning product consists of colourful, high-quality laminated prayer cards, carefully designed to fit into your wallet without taking up too much space. With its compact size and convenient design, it allows you to carry the divine presence of Saint Gabriel with you wherever you go.

The prayer to Saint Gabriel is printed on the reverse side of the card, making it easily accessible whenever you desire to connect with this angelic figure. Saint Gabriel is known as the messenger of God, the archangel who brings words of wisdom and guidance from the divine realm. His intercession is sought after by those in need of inspiration, clarity, and spiritual enlightenment. This holy card provides you with a tangible reminder of Saint Gabriel's presence, always prepared to intercede for you and offer his guidance and protection.

What sets this laminated holy card apart is the additional inclusion of a Saint Gabriel angel medal, laminated securely inside the card. This beautifully crafted medal showcases an image of Saint Gabriel, further enhancing the spiritual connection between you and this revered archangel. The laminated coating ensures that the medal remains protected and durable, even with regular use.

Measuring at 54mm x 85mm, this holy card is of optimal size, allowing you to carry it discreetly in your wallet or pocket, without feeling weighed down. Its vibrant colors and intricate design captivate the eye and create a sense of reverence and awe. The laminated finish not only protects the card and medal but also adds a premium touch, ensuring that it withstands the test of time.

Whether you are searching for a personal devotional item or a meaningful gift for a loved one, the Saint Gabriel Laminated Holy Card with medal is an exquisite choice. It provides a source of solace, encouragement, and divine connection. With this card in your possession, you can strengthen your bond with Saint Gabriel, inviting his heavenly presence into your daily life. Allow Saint Gabriel to guide and protect you as you embark on your spiritual journey with this beautiful, heartfelt devotional accessory.