Patron Saint Pin - graduations, confirmations, communions


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A small gold look pin that is approximate one inch (25mm) in height to wear on your collar or lapel. Presented on gift card that explains more about your saint of choice. The perfect gift for those celebrating their Confirmation due to the choosing of their Saint. The choosing of a patron Saint usually reflects a shared interest with the child, such as a would-be global traveller choosing St Christopher, Patron Saint of Travellers, or a cellist choosing St Gerard, Patron Saint of Musicians. An important decision to make in the sacrament of Confirmation, and a deeply personal one. Here is a list of saints and what they are known to be the Patron of... Saint Adrian the Patron of soldiers Saint Agatha the Patron of Bell founders and Breast diseases Saint Agnes and Saint Dymphna  Rape Saint Agnes Chastity and Girl Scouts Saint Alban the Patron of Refugees Saint Albert the Patron of Medical technologists and Scientists Saint Alexis the patron of pilgrims and beggars Saint Alphonsus the Patron of Vocations Saint Ambrose the Patron of Learning Saint Andrew the Patron of Scotland Saint Anne the Patron of Grandmothers, Mothers, Women in labor and Horse riders Saint Anthony the Patron of Lost articles, the Poor, Amputees and Cemetery workers Saint Appolonia the Patron of Dentists Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo the patron of Theologians Saint Barbara -  Ammunition workers, Architects, Builders,  Miners, Storms and Sudden death Saint Barnabas the patron of Cyprus Saint Bartholomew the Patron of Plasterers Saint Benedict the Patron of Monks and Poisoning Saint Bernadine the Patron of Advertising Saint Bernadino the Patron of Impulsive and uncontrolled gambling Saint Bernard the Patron of the Alps, Mountain climbers, Skiers and Jewelers Saint Blaise the Patron of Wild animals Saint Bonaventura  Bowel disorders Saint Boniface  Patron of Germany, Tailors and Brewers Saint Brendan the Patron of Navigators and Sailors Saint Bridget the Patron of Ireland and Fallen women Saint Camillus the Patron of Nurses and the Sick Saint Catherine of Sienna the Patron of Italy, Jurors and Fire prevention Saint Catherine the Patron of Philosophers, Secretaries, Spinsters Saint Cecelia the Patron of Poets, Singers, Composers, Musicians, the Throat and Vocalists Saint Charles Borromeo the Patron of Clergy, Colic, Stomach trouble and Ulcers Saint Christina  Millers, Insanity and Psychiatrists Saint Christopher the Patron of Bachelors, Drivers, Travel and Travellers Saint Clare of Assisi the Patron of Television Saint Clement the Patron of Tanners and Mariners Saint David the Patron Saint of Wales and Doves Saint Dennis the Patron of France and Headaches Saint Dominic Savio the Patron of Choir members Saint Dominic the Patron of Astronomers and Astronomy Saint Dorothy the Patron of Florists Saint Dunstan the Patron of Goldsmiths and Locksmiths Saint Dymphna the Patron of Family harmony, Insanity, Mental illness, Nerves and Runaways Saint Edmund Patron Saint of England before the adoption of St. George Saint Elizabeth the Patron of Separated spouses and Difficult marriages Saint Elmo aka St. Erasmus of Formiae  Patron Saint of Sailors Saint Eligius  (Eloy or Eloi)  patron of Goldsmiths, Blacksmiths, Horses, Taxi Drivers & Mechanics Saint Euphemia patron of  Rovinj, Croatia Saint Eustace patron of Hunters and those facing adversity Saint Felicitas or Felicity of Rome patron of Widows and Mothers of Dead Sons Saint Florian the Patron of Austria, Firefighters and chimney sweeps Saint Francis De Sales the Patron of Confessors, the Deaf, Journalists and Teachers Saint Francis of Assisi the Patron of Animals, Birds, Fire, Merchants and Solitary death Saint Francis Xavier The patron of the Orient, Missionaries, Navigators and Sailors Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini the Patron of Immigrants, emigrants, Missioners and Wine makers Saint Gabriel the Patron of Youth, Clerics and Communications workers Saint Genesius the Patron of Actors, Comedians, Dancers, Epilepsy and Lawyers Saint George the Patron of England, Chivalry and Soldiers Saint Gerard the Patron of Pregnant women and those Falsely accused Saint Germaine the Patron of Child abuse Saint Gertrude the Patron of West Indies Saint Giles the Patron of Disabled,Beggars and lepers Saint Gregory the Great the Patron of Teachers, Students and Musicians Saint Helena the Patron of Archaeologists Saint Henry the Patron of Childless and of the Handicapped Saint Hippolytus the Patron of horses, prisons and prison officers Saint Hubert the Patron of Hunters and Mathematicians Saint Ignatius Loyola the Patron of Jesuit Order and Retreats Saint Ignatius of Antioch the Patron of Churches in the eastern Mediterranean Saint Isidore the Patron of Ranchers Saint Ives the Patron of Advocates and Judges Saint James the Greater the Patron of Pilgrims, arthritis, Blacksmiths and Laborers Saint James the Less the Patron of Hat makers St. Januarius patron of Naples and volcanic eruptions Saint Jerome the Patron of Librarians, Scholars, Students and Abandoned children Saint Joan of Arc the Patron of France, Service women and Virgins Saint John Berchman the Patron of Alter / Mass servers Saint John Bosco the Patron of Editors Saint John Nepomuk Patron of Silence and Floods Saint John Regis the Patron of Medical social workers Saint John the Baptist the Patron of Baptism, Conversion and Tailors Saint John the Evangelist the Patron of Book sellers, Art dealers and Printers Saint John the Patron of Heart ailments and Orators Saint John Vianney the Patron of Pawnbrokers and Priests Saint Joseph the Patron of Belgium, Carpenters, Married couples and Pioneers Saint Joseph/Saint Anne the Patron of Canada Saint Jude the Patron of Desperation ands Hopeless causes Saint Julian Hospitaller Patron of Hospitality, innkeepers, travelers, and boatmen Saint Justina patron of Padua Saint Lawrence the Patron of Fire and Banks Saint Leonard the Patron of Prisoners, captives, and slaves Saint Lidwina the Patron of Skaters Saint Longinus patron of Mantua Saint Louis the Patron of Child Death Saint Louise the Patron of Orphans and Widows Saint Lucy the Patron of the Poor, Cutters, Eyes, Peddlers, Saddlers and Salespersons Saint Lucy/Saint Lawrence the Patrons of Blindness Saint Luke the Patron of Artists, Doctors, Jewelers, Physicians, Sculptors and Surgeons Saint Margaret Mary the Patron of Polio Saint Margaret of Antioch patron of Women in Childbirth Saint Margaret the Patron of Homelessness Saint Mark the Patron of Venice, Glaziers and Stained glass workers Saint Martha the Patron of Housewives, Domestic workers and Servants Saint Martin the Patron of Vintners and Alcoholics Saint Martin de Porres the Patron of Negroes Saint Mary Magdalene the Patron of Frail and Penitent Women Saint Matthew the Patron of Accountants, Bankers, Bookkeepers, Stock brokers and Tax collectors Saint Matthias the Patron of Carpenters and Tailors Saint Maurice the Patron of Infantrymen, Cramp and Swordsmiths Saint Maximilian Kolbe the Patron of Drug Addiction Saint Michael the Patron of Battles, Germany, Grocers, Police officers, Radiologists, Seafarers Saint Monica the Patron of Alcoholism, Bakers, Brewers, Children, Coopers, Greece and Peace Saint Nicholas/Saint Dorothy the Patron of Brides Saint Norbert the Patron of Peasants Saint Pancras the Patron of  Children Saint Pantaleon the Patron of Physicians Saint Patrick the Patron of Ireland, Snake bites and Tooth ache Saint Paul the Hermit the Patron of Clothing Saint Paul the Patron of Authors, Press, Publishers and Writers Saint Peregrine the Patron of Cancer and Skin diseases Saint Peter the Apostle Patron of Fisherman and Ship builders Saint Peter the Martyr Patron of Inquisitors and Midwives Saint Philip  Patron of Cooks and Bakers Saint Phocas  Patron of Gardeners Saint Raphael the Patron of Pharmacists, Chemists, Eye diseases, Lovers and Shepherds Saint Raymond Nonnatus the Patron of Obstetricians Saint Rita the Patron of Healing of wounds, Loneliness and Tumours Saint Robert the Patron of Catechists Saint Roch the Patron of Dogs, Plague and Pestilence Saint Romanus of Rouen Patron of Rouen Saint Rosalia - Patron of Palermo and of Sicilian mariners Saint Rose of Lima the Patron of South America and against Vanity Saint Scholastica the Patron of Convulsions in Children and rain Saint Sebastian the Patron of Athletes, Enemies of religion, Gardeners, Iron mongers, Undertakers Saint Stephen the Patron of Austria, Casket makers, Hungary and Stone masons Saint Swithin - Weather Saint Theresa of Avila the Patron of Headache sufferers Saint Theresa the Patron of Missions and Tuberculosis Saint Thomas Aquinas the Patron of Universities and Students Saint Thomas More the Patron of Civil servants, Court Workers, Lawyers and Widowers Saint Thomas the Patron of Architects, Builders and India Saint Ursula the Patron of Young Girls Saint Victor the Moor or Victor of Milan Patron of Varese, Italy Saint Victor of Marseilles Patron of Torture Victims Saint Vincent of Saragossa patron of Vintners Saint Vincent de Paul the Patron of Charitable Societies Saint William the Patron of Adopted children Saint Winifred the Patron of Virgins Saint Yves (Saint Ivo of Kermartin) patron of Lawyers

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