Me To You Tatty Teddy 'It's The Night Time I Miss You Most'

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Inspired by one of the best selling Me to You greetings cards of all time, this 'Signature' Tatty Teddy is wearing a blue and white striped night cap and holds a pure white pillow delicately embroidered with pretty silver stars. "It’s the Night Time I Miss You Most" is the message to remind someone special that although you are apart, they are always in your heart!

This bear forms part of the 'Signature' collection and features the premium feel fur which is longer, softer and more cuddly than before. It is also packaged on a beautifully ornate, foil finished plinth with matching 'to' and 'from' gift tags.

Unique and instantly recognisable, Tatty Teddy the soft fluffy grey teddy bear with the famous blue nose and patches is the signature character of the much-loved brand Me to You. Tatty Teddy offers a timeless message of love, happiness and friendship. With so many cute gifts to choose from there's something for every occasion and age. It's no wonder this gorgeous grey bear has captured millions of hearts, all over the world.

Measures 9 inches in size.


Tatty Teddy Size:
9 inches