Gifted Memories Faith stocks over 150 different styles of Confirmation rosary beads. We pride ourselves on stocking the best range of QUALITY rosary beads, ones that have been tested, ones that we have found withstand the meditation that is deserved. Buy today from our online Catholic store, with fast shipping within Australia.

We have a large range of Confirmation jewellery for both boys and girls. Its really hard to find suitable jewellery for boys, so I have designed my own range of Confirmation bracelets and necklaces, including materials such as lava stone, hematite, wood and pewter.

We have sourced a large amount of Confirmation photo frames and picture frames, made from ceramic, some from wood, and some from glass. Some Confirmation frames can be personalised with engraving also, to make the Confirmation gift extra special.

If you are looking for a special Confirmation bible, Gifted Memories Faith will have just what you are looking for.  With lots of different version and translations, including NKJV, NIV, GNT and NAB, you are sure to find one that suits your occasion.  Some bibles can also be personalised with gold foil lettering.

Most of our rosary beads can be personalised with the recipient’s name, event and date of event, making it the ultimate Catholic personalised gift. No longer is it hard to figure out what to give as a Confirmation present to make a special event.